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We're delighted to welcome Lucy Bray to our team with her amazing doTerra Essential Oils, AromaTouch Technique and Swedish Massage.

I have always had a keen interest in the functions of the human body and chose to study Biological Sciences at the University of Exeter where I gained an Honours degree. I have spent many years working in education where I witnessed high levels of stress, anxiety and depression of not only the young people of our society but parents, teachers and support staff. Keen to make a difference in breaking the negative cycle that so many of us find ourselves in, I decided to become a fully qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist / psychotherapist. I studied at the Clifton Practice, a centre of excellence in well researched and up to date hypnotherapy training. I am proud to have helped so many to overcome fears and phobias, improve their sleep, overcome stress, anxiety, panic attacks and to gain focus and motivation to achieve things they never thought possible. Solution focused Hypnotherapy doesn’t dwell on the past but focuses on the desired outcome to bring about positive change in so many areas.

Kay Cowie BSc Hons, DSFH, HDP

Wings of Change

Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy

Sonya Jackson FHT - Reflexology

Standard Reflexology

This practice is an excellent way to relax and boost the body’s circulation. A wonderful way to care and nurture ourselves. Reflexology stimulates the thousands of nerve endings within the feet, benefiting the whole body.

Spinal Reflexology

Using general reflexology and targeted reflexes on the spinal area of the feet, this technique can work more deeply on specific problems.

Hand Reflexology

Using the hands instead of the feet, a deeply relaxing and beneficial practice. Very useful if the feet cannot be practised upon.

Relaxation for Reflexology

This technique uses visualisations and breathing techniques to take the receiver into deeper states of relaxation. A calming and powerful technique coupled with reflexology. Highly recommended for people suffering with stress.

- Can be helpful for letting go of harmful stressful patterns

- Helps to promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself

- Can help to improve a person’s sense of emotional wellbeing and balance

- Helps to improve quality of sleep

£42 – first session for consultation 1hr 15 minutes

£40 per session – 1 hr

£35 – 45 minutes Hand reflexology