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What We Do

Linda Hurr B.Sc. Hons is an Holistic Practitioner with over 25 years experience. She is a Biochemist and enjoys using a mix of scientific and alternative principles to give the best possible treatment and outcome for her clients. She always looks to find the root cause of any issue rather than simply treating the symptoms.


Over 60% of adults suffer with back pain and it accounts for over 14 million visits to the doctors each year. Traditional treatments have only been effective in relieving the symptoms leaving sufferers vulnerable to further bouts and regular visits to a therapist.

But the Theraflex acts like a bionic hand, mimicking the hand of a physio but at 25 times the speed, reaching parts of the spine that fingers cannot get to, delivering vertebral mobilization.

Biochemical Testing

An innovative new approach to treating health problems.

After completion of the treatment you may be free of symptoms, free of excessive medications and free to enjoy your life!

Listening Service

‚ÄčIntuitive, person centred, confidential listening service.

Massage Packages

Neck, Back and Shoulders


Foot Spa, Scrub & Massage

Or various combinations available.

Natural Skincare

Vegan, natural skincare using recyclable packaging to support zero waste and chemical free living.

Face and Body Oils.

Massage Balms. Healing Balms.

Body Scrubs.

Natural Nutrition

Using herbal remedies to support and heal .the body.

Herbal Tinctures.

Herbal Teas.

CDB Products.

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