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'I came to see Linda after suffering years of lower back pain. I was barely able to walk and unable to work. After just two visits I not only could walk but I could take up running again! I also gained employment two weeks later. I have never looked back since.' Paul


30 minutes saw me relieved of pain, I could not believe it. I have a long history of spinal problems, some 40 years, and I have never experienced anything like this before. Furthermore, not only did Linda rid me of pain, she also identified other problems with my back. A very caring, friendly and professional lady.”

Peter H


“I can honestly say that this treatment has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I’m now 54 and have been suffering from severe back pain since the age of 23 after I picked up one of my children and tore the muscles at the base of my spine. I was told by all sorts of people in the medical profession that I was never going to get rid of it. Things were getting worse and I was having to take lots of medication, including sleeping tablets. I was seriously worried about my future. However, I have had the treatment with Linda and now feel like an 18 year old! I’m far less stressed than I used to be, and am about to come off the medication. I don’t need sleeping tablets anymore.” Ken S

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A Before And After Photo

This lovely lady came to see me recently on crutches and unable to straighten up, even for me to do an examination. Getting on the plinth was a trial,  but once settled the Theraflex did it's magic on her back and after just one session she didn't need the crutches and could stand tall! This is why I love the Theraflex and love what I do!